What happens on Internet every 60 seconds?

As we know, with the growing technology, people are busy , rather addicted viewing multiple apps on multiple screens and surfing social channels at a fast speed.

You never know what your family , friends or your brand’s audience is doing when they are not engaged with you or not listening to you and also even when they are listening, but dividing their time.

Technology is meant to make our lives easy and faster, but somehow its making our lives more complicated, and our thoughts and actions less private.

Here’s an update of what’s going on right now in 2018 by Lori lewis

m-04-03-pic2 You are one of them, so get the detailed numbers of your most used apps and also their usage every 1 minute.

Also get to learn much more updates of facebook algorithm and quick tips on SEO if you run a website which will surely help you to grow.

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