Want to Raise your Instagram Stories Game ?

Keep reading this article to unlock ways to share your activties on Instagram stories more creatively inorder to make your audience feel more connected & improve engagement.

So go get your phones out and let’s explore some secret hacks (and not-so-secret) for your business to play with on Instagram.

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3 Creative Hacks to raise your Instagram Stories.

1. Use eyedropper to match your colors : 

The eyedropper tool comes in handy when you have a lot of text put in.  

Instead of selecting a font color you “think” will go with your image, always prefer to pick the one from the image itself to match your text with the background.


Tap the color eye dropper (found on the left of the colors panel) to pick the color from the image you have, to match with the text perfectly.

2. Filling the Screen :

You don’t need a brush always to paint your entire screen.

You can access a full-screen color effect by holding your finger down for a few seconds to make the whole screen one color.


Use this trick to make a post that’s strictly text. Or, combine this hack with the eraser tool to reveal something in your text or video over a series of frames.

Bonus Tip : The marker brush will give you opaque color, while the chisel tip is best to use for a semi-transparent effect.

3. Boomerang’s Secret Menu :

Boomerang App does has a secret menu. There’s a special four finger tap needed to get there, but once you’re in you’ll access additional features that make for extra pretty infinite loops.


To get to the secret menu, open the Boomerang app and tap four times with four fingers. Once you’re there, you’ll want to change these settings:

• Resolution: 1080p

• Boomerang Mode: Forward and Back (pause)

• Frame Count: 3

• Long Capture Frame Count: 25fps

These settings not only give you more frames, it will also add a frame at the beginning and end to make your loops look smoother.

With these new tricks, you can upgrade your Instagram strategy to build your audience and engage them in new and exciting ways.


Unleash Your Creativity !

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