6 Apps to Create Stunning Social Media Visuals

Content is the king ! 

In Today’s world , Your Content and the way you connect your content with your audience is the major thing to keep in mind while marketing your business.

Thus , to make your content look attractive you need to add visuals with your text. Content creation tools helps you to make engaging, eye catchy, and attractive visuals for your content.


With a smartphone in your pocket, you can click photos practically anywhere you are, so long as your phone has battery life. But it is not necessary that it will always result into a good click.

These editing apps will let you correct tone, adjust angles, tweak white balance, and so much more.

Thanks for these 6 Apps which helps me while creating visuals for my content and enhances my social media game.


1. Snapseed :

Snapseed is a photo-editing application developed by Google. It has 29 Tools and Filters, including: Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective.

It has some other features which i’ve pointed out below ;

• Opens JPG and RAW files

• Save your personal looks and apply them to new photos later

• Selective filter brush

• All styles can be tweaked with fine, precise control


This app offers filters to increase or reduce saturation in images. It has a healing brush, vignette, and glamour glow filters. There are also creative photo frames, textures, and grunge and lighting effects.

2. Canva :

Canva is a free graphic-design tool website, founded in 2012. It uses a drag-and-drop format and provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts. It is used by non-designers as well as professionals.



This is an affordable Photoshop alternative. Create content downloads using free design modules. If you want to purchase premium design elements, these are just $1. Canva’s drag and drop interface is easy to use and makes graphic design simple yet elegant.

Canva offers a variety of content types. From pre-sized social media image and header templates to marketing materials, documents, presentations, invitations and ads, you’ll find almost everything you need.

3. Adobe Capture :

Adobe Capture CC is an application that combines three different tools from Adobe: Adobe Color CC, Adobe Brush CC, and Adobe Photoshop Mix.


The first of Adobe Capture CC’s three main tools lets you create shapes from any photo. You can create vectorized images based on any picture saved on your device, or use the camera to take one in that moment.


The second tool lets you create brushes: just choose the image you want to convert into a brush, adjust the settings to your liking, and save it. Once you have the brush, you can send it to your Adobe Photoshop account.


The third and final part of Adobe Capture CC lets you extract the color palette from any image. Besides pictures, you can also use your device’s camera to capture the color palette of any scene.

Adobe Capture CC is a great application for anyone with an Adobe account. Thanks to this version, you can have a lot of great features in just one app.

4. Phonto :

Phonto is a simple application that allows you to add text to pictures.

★ More than 200 fonts are available.
★ You can install other fonts.
★ Text size is changeable.
★ Text color is changeable.
★ Text shodow is changeable.
★ Text is rotatable.
★ Text stroke color and width is changeable.
★ Text background color is changeable.
★ Letter spacing is changeable
★ Line spacing is changeable


Phonto is a very simple photo-editing tool that lets you add text to any image on your Android device. It won’t do much more, but you’ll still find many possibilities when it comes to inserting text onto any photo.

5. Legend :

Animated Text in Video & GIF is an app to create short videos from any phrase. Just write the text, choose a picture from your device’s memory, and add one of the many available effects.


It can turn text into stunning animations, impress your Messenger friends! In just 2 taps, put your words in motion. Inspire people. Make friends laugh.
Save GIF or MP4 video.

And the last but not the lease one,

6. Pixlr :

Pixlr (formerly Pixlr Express) is the right photo editor for everyone; whether you have never edited a picture or are a pro, Pixlr has all the tools and effects you need.

• Create photo collages with a variety of choices for layout, background, and spacing.
• Balance out color in one easy click with Auto Fix.
• Stylize your image to look like a pencil drawing, an ink sketch, a poster, and more.
• Focus on one color with Color Splash or add impact with Focal Blur.
• Choose from a pool of effect packs to give your image the look and feel you want.
• Mask your picture with captions or overlay it with text. Choose from a variety of fonts.
• Finish off your editing process with the right border – pick a style that suit you.

And thats all for the day,

What do you think? Have you tried any of these apps? What design, photo, or video apps are must-haves for you? 

Share your thoughts in the comments!



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