How LinkedIn Qr Code can benefit Job Seekers ?

With competition for job vacancies more competitive than ever, candidates are looking for more innovative ways of making their CV stand out from others, here Linked In Qr code can play a smart role.


  • Open your LinkedIn app on iOS or Android .
  • Tap the QR code icon in the search box found on the Home tab.
  • To find your own LinkedIn QR code, tap on “My code”.

If you’d like to share your code through iMessage, email, or other apps you can do so directly from this page. You can also save your code to your photos.

There are also number of other websites that generate codes, these include:

Simply copy and paste your LinkedIn URL into the URL field and then download or save the image generated.


Your CV is your personal marketing tool, in an Interview you have to do nothing but sell your Skills.  Similar to a business , your CV is your business networking card, and the product is you !


So Before going for an interview,  place the QR code in the top right-hand side of your resume, with instructions to “scan to view my LinkedIn profile”.

That way, potential employers can scan the code and view your full profile.

If you have skills that have been endorsed and recommendations from colleagues and clients then your credibility increases no end.

Even if a recruiter has never heard of, or even seen a QR code on CV, it can often work as a conversation starter!

If you’re applying for jobs in IT / social media etc., QR codes can help make you appear tech ‘savvy’!

You are just adding instant impact to them, and increasing your chances of getting an interview for the job that you want.

Try this if you are one of those Job Seekers & Make The difference ! 

Learn more :



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