Photography : How to Get creative behind the lens ?

19th August, termed as World Photography Day, is aimed at motivating people to showcase their creativity through photography. You can make it more better, go on to know how ?

Unlike 10 years back, today everyone is a photographer, thanks to the Smartphones ! Everyone can capture memories with just one click, you don’t need a professional DSLR camera or to hire a professional photographer.

But even with an excellent camera on your smartphone, there is no guarantee of the results.



Professional photographers with DSLRs spend a lot of time picking the right subject, frame and light conditions before taking pictures. But For casual photography enthusiasts with phones, learning the nitty-gritties of photography is too much work. But that doesn’t mean you cannot make your photos impressive.

As it was World Photography Day, let’s take a look at the best photo editing apps for your mobile phones. These apps are free and help you add a great deal of personalisation.

1. Snapseed :

I can undoubtedly say, its the best photo-editing application on phones out there, Snapseed comes with a wide range of features including basic functionalities like adjusting brightness, contrast and orientations. To make your landscape photos more dramatic, we recommending HDR Scape and Drama. 

You can also add retro and black-and-white filters, but within these filters, you have more options of personalising the photos. Other key tools are selective healing, tonal contrast, and a double exposure mode that lets you merge two photos into one.

snapseed effect

Memory : It was my first flight journey when i clicked this shot and this picture will always remind me of that, as anything for the first time is always special !

2. Adobe Lightroom CC :

Brought to you by the makers of the world’s most popular photo editing software, Photoshop Lightroom CC is a stripped-down version of its desktop version. The good thing is that it’s not very complicated. 

Photoshop Lightroom CC also gives you greater control over key elements of the photos like brightness, temperature, tint and more. You will need to sign up before getting started with this app.

adobe lightroom effect golden punjab

Memory : Every time I visit Golden Temple, I always get those positive vibes & Peace. So with this memory i keep myself positive in my regular hectic life.


Unlike Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Aviary is a pretty simple-to-use application. The application lets you add unique photo effects, filters and frames. You can also use the app to fix red eye, remove blemishes and even doodle over the photos.

splash effect

The best feature of the app is Splash, which allows you to retain colours of the subject while converting everything in the background to black and white.

4. VSCO :

One of the top grossing photography apps on Google Play store, VSCO is quite popular among mobile photography enthusiasts. It has its own social network within the app where you can share your photos with the world.

vsco edited pic

The photo editing application allows you to capture and edit photos with unique presets, including film-inspired presets. It also offers advanced camera control.

5. Prisma :

Launched a couple of years ago, Prisma became insanely popular worldwide thanks to unique filters that convert your photos into artwork. Under the hood, Prisma uses a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence to convert your images.


There are a number of replicas on the app stores, but Prisma by far remains the best app to convert your photos into artwork. The application has over 800 modern art filters and lets you quickly share on Facebook and Instagram.

“If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment.”
— Linda McCartneys

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