ONE PLUS 6T : A Stunning Phone at Same Pricetag !

OnePlus has just pulled the covers off the OnePlus 6T, its latest flagship smartphone. It’s essentially an upgraded version of the excellent OnePlus 6, and has become a contender for ‘most leaked Android phone of the year’.

Want To Become A Better Writer ?

15 Wordy Expressions to Avoid While Writing Below : I’ve listed 15 common words and expressions that can be made more concise.

Photography : How to Get creative behind the lens ?

Unlike 10 years back, today everyone is a photographer, thanks to the Smartphones ! Everyone can capture memories with just one click, you don't need a professional DSLR camera or to hire a professional photographer.

How LinkedIn Qr Code can benefit Job Seekers ?

Your CV is your personal marketing tool, in an Interview you have to do nothing but sell your Skills.  Similar to a business , your CV is your business networking card, and the product is you !

More New Ways to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube is very aware that creators have more options to make money online. Whether it’s Facebook Gaming or IGTV, the platform knows it has competition and they are not backing down.

Google AI to predict patient’s life expectancy !!! But HOW ??

Here are the answers to all questions about the new life prediction system developed by Google.

Tesla CEO Elon musk to lay off 9% of his workforce.

An employee said that working at Tesla has always "been nothing but a disaster." She told BI that the company more often than not doesn't keep promises and doesn't even chart out their plans well. 

5 Cool things you can do with Facebook Ads

On average, Facebook is home to 1.18 billion daily active users -- from CEOs, to students, to companies. In today’s post, we’re going to look at some of the Coolest things you can do with Facebook ads.

Apple iOS 12 Update : 10 New Interesting Features.

Apple announced the next version of iOS at its WWDC developer conference. iOS 12, the new update for iPhones and iPads does include new interesting features.

6 Apps to Create Stunning Social Media Visuals

In Today's world , Your Content and the way you connect your content with your audience is the major thing to keep in mind while marketing your business.