Stay till the Sunsets

7 Things about watching a Sunset


1) Helps you to appreciate life’s gift

There are few special places on the earth which has really held the sunset as a daily opportunity to give thanks. People gather to cheer and feel peaceful by witnessing the beauty, reinforcing the idea that we should appreciate the nature and be thankful for each day, its your own little glimpse of heaven.

2) Every single one is different

You will never see the same sunset again. Each and every day the colors lay a little differently. You will never get bored of watching it because its always a different show.


3) Drives you to put your phone down

Whenever we get an opportunity to experience a sunset we make sure to capture the view as if those bunch of photos will help us remember that nostalgic feeling. But if you experience it more often, you’ll no longer feel to see it through a screen and capture, instead, you’ll watch it and experience the peacefulness. Also, your Instagram followers will get bored with such repetitive stories.

4) Gives us a Hope

There’s a reason sunsets are timeless and favourite things of poets and writers – they’re inspiring.  To me, when I watch sunset, it brings me a hope of a new tomorrow and brings a sense of peace that everything is going to be fine. Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.


And the last one..


5) If you aren’t a morning person, that’s fine, you were given the sunset

We all know that there are more sunset people than sunrise people, and that is totally normal. Not a lot of people like being up at 6 a.m, so they won’t get the chance to catch the sunrise. If, you are one of these people, don’t forget, there is always the sunset.

“Let the warm glow of the setting sun kiss life’s hurts away”